What is Proxyeed?

Proxyeed is a game-changing marketplace, allowing you access to the most exclusive product drops wherever you are.  Proxyeed connects you to buyers in real-time to achieve the best price and secure goods in the hottest stores worldwide!

Why use Proxyeed?

You’ll never miss out on the latest releases again simply because you can’t be there in person. Busy the day of the drop you’ve been waiting all season? No problem, just let one of our trusted Proxies be your feet on the street, safe in the knowledge that your item will be safely delivered to your door.

As well as time and convenience, Proxyeed also works for you by opening the door to store exclusives, ‘micro-drops’ and super limited collaborations. With a worldwide network of Proxies ready to take your goods to the checkout, you can access the merch you’ve been craving.

Proxyeed is also response to the after-seller’s market. Real-time interaction with our Proxies allows you to negotiate a price that’s fair for both parties and not inflating the goods to an unobtainable level.

In short it’s win, win, win.

How do I get involved?

To get started, simply download the app from the apple store and follow the on screen prompts.

Want to learn more?

Follow this link to see our FAQ’s.